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Yamaha 1600/1700 Roadstar Installation Instructions


1. Remove passenger seat
2. Loosen two rear bolts on passenger mounting bracket
3. Remove front bolt on passenger mounting bracket
4. Place supplied bracket under existing bracket and reinstall bolt
5. Reinstall passenger seat (may be a tight fit)
6. Slide backrest into bracket Ride Safe!
(If backrest is loose simply wrap a piece of electrical tape around the tongue)

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    I think it's been improved!

    Posted by Richard Nash on 6th Oct 2020

    I bought a used 2008 Yamaha Road Star Silverado in July, so it was new to me. I am getting up there in age, so long days in the saddle would make my back ache, so I started looking around for a backrest. I'm not bothered by the stock seat, so getting a Mustang, Saddlemen's, or Corbin seat just to get a backrest was too expensive and overkill. Grasshopper's price was nice, but some reviewers had mentioned that the post that holds the pad was too flimsy and bent too easily. I'm a big guy, and would probably put quite a bit of weight on it, but, for the price, I decided to risk it. If it didn't work out, well, the cost of education.... So, I got the backrest today and looked at the post. It's substantial! I don't think I could bend it with my entire body weight, let alone just leaning back on it. So, I took off my back seat (first time I've done that) and what do you know! There was a Grasshopper bracket already installed! Evidently, the former owner had a Grasshopper backrest too, and took it with him, but left the bracket! So, "Cool!" I think, "I don't even have to install the bracket." But, when I tried to insert the backrest post into the bracket, it wouldn't fit. I mean, it wasn't even close. The bracket slot was way too thin for the post. Evidently, the former post was significantly thinner than the new ones and fit into a thinner bracket. So, I uninstalled the old bracket, installed the new bracket, and sat down and tried to bend the post with my hands and body. Nothin' doin'! This is a substantial product now. For $80 bucks, this is great.

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    Yamaha 1600/1700 road star backrest

    Posted by Lorne Bouchard on 28th Jul 2020

    The fit is perfect. Very easy to install. Thanks for all!

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    What a difference!

    Posted by Steve on 24th Mar 2019

    I bought this backrest summer of 2018 for my 04 Roadstar 1700. What a difference it makes! The install was pretty straightforward; I didn't have any problems with loose fit or making field adjustments. Riding my bike with a backrest has made the miles much more comfortable than they had been, and that makes riding a lot more enjoyable. Tonight I'm buying another one; this one for my son's Honda VTX.